1,177 MWp Solar Power Plant,
Sweihan, UAE

  • Status


  • Area of the plant

    8.5 sq. km.

  • Duration

    23 months

  • Covering the
    demand of

    90,000 people

  • Number of people
    who worked on the


  • Number of panels

    3.2 million

  • Nationalities


  • Scope of Work

    Turnkey EPC

  • Key Highlights

    World’s largest single-site solar project

    The largest plant built by Sterling and Wilson Renewable Energy Limited

    East-West configuration of modules

    5 million accident-free safe man hours

    Reducing CO2 emissions by 1 million metric tons per year, equivalent to taking 2,00,000 cars off the road

    Among the world's most competitive tariffs

  • Business Vertical