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Floating Solar Floating Solar

450 kWp, Kerala, India

Ushering in the next
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As part of our mission to constantly evolve and find innovative energy solutions, we have invested in ‘Floating Solar’ technology. It consists of an array of solar panels mounted on a structure that floats on a water body and is emerging as a promising trend in the renewable energy landscape.

floating solar power plant floating solar power plant

450 kWp, Kerala, India

Floating solar plants have an advantage over ground-mounted solar plants owing to their negligible land requirement as these plants can be installed on reservoirs, industrial pools or even small lakes.

Our Services

We have constructed India’s first floating Solar Project (455 kWp).

  • Anchoring & mooring installation

  • Project management & planning

  • Module/Equipment floating
    structure installation

  • Maintenance manual & design
    book issuance

  • Bathymetric study as per the terms & geotechnical assessment study



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